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2011… a year in movies

Not surprising that I rang in 2012 by watching a movie! In 2011, I recorded every movie I saw in theatres. I think I’ll keep it up for 2012, though it got a bit competitive which ran up my numbers slightly. In the end, I watched 77 movies in theatres. That works out to be 1.5 movies a week!

Fortunately, I saw many of these for free between scene points, free advanced screenings, gift cards (the perfect gift!) and film festivals.

To add to the incredible nerdiness I’m feeling, I even made graphs to chart my movie watching habits.


All in the name of science…

I also discovered that Cineplex takes the majority of my money, but no real surprise there as they have the majority of the theatres in Canada.

2011 had both good and bad movies – as all years, but below are my favorites of the year – in no particular order. Note: I categorize these as my “favorites” as in, those I enjoyed watching – I’m not anticipating them to all be award winners!

I hope 2012 is full of equally nerdy movie watching habits – Happy New Year to everyone!

And, for those of you who want to see the full list…

  1. January 1 – Tron Legacy
  2. January 3 – Due Date
  3. January 9 – Blue Valentine
  4. January 11 – The Way Back
  5. January 16 – The Green Hornet
  6. January 17 – The Mechanic
  7. February 2 – The Company Men
  8. February 11 – Gnomeo and Juliet
  9. February 13 – Biutiful
  10. February 19 – Incendies
  11. February 28 – Of God and Men
  12. March 7 – Adjustment Bureau
  13. March 8 – Rango
  14. March 12 – Battle LA
  15. March 20 – Lincoln Lawyer
  16. March 22 – Paul
  17. March 27 – I Saw the Devil
  18. April 2 – Source Code
  19. April 5 – Insidious
  20. April 7 – Good Neighbours
  21. April 9 – Hanna
  22. April 21 – Rio
  23. April 30 – Limitless
  24. May 2 – Superheroes
  25. May 3 – Fast Five
  26. May 6 – Thor
  27. May 10 – Beginners
  28. May 15 – Bridesmaids
  29. May 19 – Even the Rain
  30. May 22 – Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides
  31. May 28 – Hangover 2
  32. June 3 – X-Men First Class
  33. June 6 – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  34. June 14 – Super 8
  35. June 20 –  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  36. June 21 – Midnight in Paris
  37. June 23 – Green Lantern
  38. June 28 – Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon
  39. July 13 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2
  40. August 4 – Crazy Stupid Love
  41. August 4 – Captain America
  42. August 9 – Cowboys and Aliens
  43. August 10 – Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  44. August 14 – Horrible Bosses
  45. August 15 – The Help
  46. August 20 – Bad Teacher
  47. August 28 – Terri
  48. August 30 – Don’t be Afraid of the Dark
  49. September 1 – Our Idiot Brother
  50. September11 – Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale
  51. September 13 – Our Mother’s Arms
  52. September 15 – The Day
  53. September 16 – The Awakening
  54. September 16 – Wurthering Heights
  55. September 17 – Snowtown
  56. September 18 – Where Do We Go Now
  57. September 20 – Contagion
  58. September 25 – Money Ball
  59. October 1 – 50/50
  60. October 8 – Ides of March
  61. October 10 – Real Steel
  62. October 20 – Paranormal Activity 3
  63. October 25 – Three Musketeers
  64. October 31 – Puss in Boots
  65. November 7 – Anonymous
  66. November 13 – In Time
  67. November 15 – Tower Heist
  68. November 26 – The Descendants
  69. November 27 – Hugo
  70. December 5 – The Muppets
  71. December 9 – Shame
  72. December 21 – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  73. December 24 – The Adventures of Tintin
  74. December 27 – Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows
  75. December 28 – Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  76. December 29 – MI4 Ghost Protocol
  77. December 31 – War Horse

Ides of March, a review

love the movie, and love it's poster!

Ides of March is another tiff film I was dying to see, but patiently waited until the wide release. This holiday weekend seemed like the perfect time to go and see it, and was it ever worth the wait!

The movie focuses on on one of the candidates in the Ohio presidential primary, (George Clooney) and one of his campaign managers (Ryan Gosling) who get involved in a scandal that could ruin everything. The story itself is very entertaining, with many twists I didn’t see coming – the character development, especially of Ryan Gosling’s character, I thought was amazing – he went from someone who believed in good, to compromising himself morally throughout the film.

Overall, this was a great movie that you would be foolish not to take the time to see.

The best part of this movie for me went from watching Ryan Gosling as this motivated young person who believed so much in the candidate to his realization of the intern pregnancy, to realizing he is capable of manipulating and blackmailing his way back to the top. I was totally not expecting the intern to kill herself – and I definitely thought it was going to come out when Ryan Gosling visited the other campaign manager to attempt to get a job. Instead, everything worked out for him – but he compromised himself – but almost legitimately so to adapt to the environment and the situation.

Another great part was when Paul Giamatti’s character explained his thought process for meeting with Ryan’s character – and how at that moment the viewer realizes how screwed up the whole situation is, and how Ryan is totally screwed out of everything.

All in all, this movie was an absolute gem. The manipulation, devastation of the characters lives, the blackmailing – all worked together to make a perfectly entertaining movie-going experience. Oscars anyone?

birthday celebrations

Is it lame to do a post on my birthday? Well… I’m going to do it anyway.

My 23rd birthday was yesterday, so I had a long weekend of celebrations to plan. That’s right – four days of birthday, including three fancy dinners, two nights of drinking, and one movie (yes, only one).

I’ll start by talking about the FABULOUS weekend of dining I had! Friday night at Luma, Saturday night at Frank, and Monday night at Guu Izakaya. Any of this restaurants would be amazing for a special night out like a birthday, but having all three just made it that much better! (I think this birthday has inspired me to write a “date night” list of restaurants in a future post). First off, if you haven’t been to Luma it’s an O&B gem. Not only is it associated with cinema by its location, it also has lovely cinematic-themed cocktails, and popcorn on their dessert menu!

“Opera Cake” dessert at Luma, featuring caramel corn!

This was followed by a Saturday dinner at Frank in the AGO – another place you need to check out if you haven’t. I had the heirloom tomato and mozzarella appetizer – and I think it was the best salad I’ve ever had!

Monday night we decided to face the (potential) lines at Guu on Church – and even if we had waited (fortunately, there was a table) it would have been worth it! Not only do I love a good tapas place, but I also LOVE Japanese. This restaurant is the best of both worlds – and it has such amazing energy! I felt like I couldn’t stop smiling for the entire visit (which was prompt – all that delicious food in 1.5 hours!) AND they had the best restaurant birthday song I’ve ever heard! (For a full review: http://tinyurl.com/3oawpkl).
Ah, now for the drinking. Friday night brought me to the Gladstone, where they had a band followed by karaoke (no, I did not participate!) and Saturday brought me to the Duke of York in the Annex. Why the Duke of York? While it is not the most fabulous venue in the city, the bartenders know how to make a dirty martini, and my alternate option, Oasis on the roof of Wayne Gretzky’s, randomly closed at 10pm that night (note: the weather was beautiful and they promised me they’d be open until 2am!!) Also, Duke is a great place because they have such a big venue, they can take reservations for parties late at night. Bonus: they had a big Muskoka chair.

Who can resist a giant chair photo op??

As for the movie, I saw Moneyball on Sunday, and wasn’t so impressed by it. You can see my movie review for more details!

Overall I’d say I had a pretty successful 23rd birthday weekend – and thank you to everyone who helped put it together!

Moneyball, a review

Ah, Moneyball. Bound to be a money maker due to the appearance of Brad Pitt, but definitely not the best of his movies I’ve ever seen.

I was desperate to see this after all the hype it got at tiff, but I knew better to watch it during the festival itself (what’s the point, when it came out in theatres a mere week later?). The movie is based on the true story of the 2002 Oakland A’s team, and how they were able to compete with teams who had 3x their budget by re-evaluating the statistics used to choose players and create a team.

I had really high expectations for this movie, which probably lead to my disappointment (I should know better than to expect greatness!) the movie was good, and well acted, but overall a little too slow for my taste. It was one of those movies that I kept looking at my watch, because it just seemed like I was in there forever.

Also, tell-tale sign – the theatre was just about empty. On opening weekend, an empty theatre is NEVER EVER a good sign. NEVER. I want to have to search for seats half an hour before the movie starts on opening weekend.  

I’ll be interested to see how well this movie does overall – I’ve spoken to other friends who loved it – so maybe I’m the only one who will write a negative review! After all, I didn’t like Bridesmaids and everyone else in the Western world did…

note: this movie was so slow that my review doesn’t event warrant spoilers!