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The Muppets, a review

While I’ve taken a step back from movie reviews lately, after watching the Muppets last night, it’s basically all I can think about.

The newest Muppet movie is such a gem – they have their hilarious classic jokes, but it has been modernized really well – so even people who didn’t grow up with The Muppets can enjoy it. Combine that with a ton of celebrity appearances, and you have an excellent movie – potentially one of my top movies for 2011**.

The movie is about brothers Walter and Gary, on a trip to LA with Gary’s girlfriend Mary. Walter is the world’s biggest Muppet’s fan, and… well, the plot is not that complicated.

It’s hard for me to say much else without spoiling it – and I definitely recommend you go see it ASAP before spoilers start becoming everyday knowledge. Especially the celebrity appearances – it’s so much more hilarious when your favorite celebrity pops up and you aren’t expecting it.

Besides spoilers (below), the acting of Jason Segal was good – he’s hilarious and I appreciate his move to acting / dancing (attempting to dance?) and Amy Adams was of course, fantastic in this role – after Enchanted, I knew that she was perfectly cast for this. It goes without saying that the Muppets were hilarious as usual.

** In the overall enjoyment category. I don’t think The Muppets will be winning any oscars in the near future – though I can DREAM!







One of the best parts of the movie for me was during the “Am I a Man or a Muppet” song, where Walter and Gary are singing about their problems, and Walter’s “human version” turns out to be Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory (he doesn’t even get a real name anymore – he will always be that role to me!). Other random appearances included Selena Gomez (hey, making it relevant?), Jack Black (not a big fan, kinda annoying), Neil Patrick Harris… the list goes on.

Other favorite parts of the movie included Chris Cooper (as Tex Richman) busting out an elaborate rap when Kermit hopes to get the theatre back just by asking – and just about everything that 80s Robot says or does.





I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this movie – it is sure to be a holiday hit, and would definitely be #1 if Twilight didn’t exist (oh whyy does it exist?) – so drop everything and go – and then comment your favorite parts below!











Paranormal Activity 3, a review

Paranormal Activity is quickly going to become a “Saw” type series if they don’t slow down on the sequels. I can’t say I expected much from this movie, and it delivered even less.

Paranormal Activity 3 follows the same family who have been haunted by this demon in all of the movies (though this time, the demon is known as “Toby”. Aww). While Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2 were during the same time period, this movie is set in the past (1988) when the girls were small. Without spoiling anything, basically it’s another paranormal activity type movie – someone sets up a video camera and catches the demon as things get worse and worse in their home.

You can probably picture how it ends, and you can definitely live without seeing it!



Ok, I have quite a few questions about this movie:

1. Anyone else have no idea what the little girl “agreed to” to get Toby to stop hurting her sister? Because someone had to explain it to me, and that kind of defeats the purpose. Even though I’ve seen the other two movies, apparently she was agreeing to give him her first born son? Anyone else have other views on this?

2. WHY did the cult-leader grandma kill her own daughter? What the hell was happening with that?

3. WHYYYY does no one in these movies ever think that someone might be telling the truth!? Just watch the video footage, dear god!

4. At the end of the movie, why was the little girl like “cool, Toby let’s be friends again” after her mother and “acting” father were killed?! She was terrified in the closet about five minutes before she accepted him back into her life!!

5.Wasn’t the childhood home supposed to burn down…? Are they saving that for Paranormal Activity 4?!


The best part of the movie for me was totally situational – some guy walked into our theatre, and didn’t immediately realize he was in the wrong one. He was looking around for his friends, when someone in front of us whispered “…Toby?” and everyone in the audience laughed.

You know the movie isn’t good if your favorite part isn’t even related to the film.

Real Steel, a review

Ah, Real Steal. Based on all the advertising and promotions alone, I knew it was going to suck. But that didn’t stop me from paying my hard earned cash (actually, I used scene points) to go and see it. I knew I was in trouble when all the previews were for kids movies or for action movies that look absolutely terrible – and really, it gave me exactly what I expected from it.

Real Steel is set a few years into the future, when boxing has become obsolete and is replaced by robo boxing (yes, if you’re thinking rock em’ sock em’ robots, that is what the movie is based on!) the story follows an ex-boxer turned robo-boxer (Hugh Jackman) and his son, and really, the third character, their robot Atom. Based on the ridiculously spoiler-filled trailers, I could have told you everything that was going to happen in this movie, but really, anyone with a brain who has ever seen a movie could have guessed. I could quote so many lines going into this movie:

“You’ve got nothing left”

“As much as I like you, you’re a bad bet brother”

“This bot is one to watch” “ATOM!!!”

And the list goes on….

This really is trying to be a “feel-good” picture, but the overwhelming cheesiness takes away from that a bit. I will give some credit to the kid, Dakota Goyo, was actually pretty good. He really did the most that he could with the cheesy writing, and he’s from Toronto! I was impressed with his range – and he ended up growing on me throughout the movie.

The one thing that drove me nuts about this movie (but explains their advertising budget) is the out of control sponsorship!!! I hate movies that do this (I’m looking at you Casino Royale!!) the most obvious advertisers in this one were HP (everyone knows that if robot boxing DID take over, it would be Apple or Google pulling the strings – give it up HP), Coca Cola, and I suspect Cadillac (though they did a better job of hiding it). If I wanted to see advertisements, I’d watch TV!

In summary, see this movie if you want. Don’t, if you don’t want. Really, you’ll be no better or worse off either way. And if you have a 10-13 year old boy you’re looking to entertain, this is probably a good bet.

probably as much fun as watching this movie


Who was surprised by anything in this movie? Dad is a bad father, cute kid joins along in his road trip, dad loves kid, everything works out. Great. Haven’t seen that happen a million times.

A few things I’m happy they avoided (but probably thought about doing):

1. There was a moment during the final fight that I thought Max’s guardians were going to change their minds and give Charlie custody. That would have been absolutely ridiculous and I’m happy they didn’t take it there.

2. At the end of the fight when Charlie brings Atom over, I literally covered my eyes because I thought for sure they were going to break out in a dance. I bet they did, then watched it and realized how stupid that would have been and edited it out. Good call.

3. They didn’t push it over the top and have Atom win the championship. Also good idea.

My final complaint about this movie is – what was up with the bull fight scenes? I definitely don’t agree with bull fighting in most situations – but did animal cruelty laws just go out the window in the future? Because I’m pretty sure it’s never going to be ok for a giant robot to fight an animal…

Anyone else love or hate or just tolerate this movie? I’d love to discuss more!

50/50, a review

I have been looking forward to this movie for many  reasons, mainly because of my super big celebrity crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but also because it looked like a really great story.

The movie is based on a true story, and if what I’ve heard is true, Seth Rogan kind of plays himself in the movie, because this story is based on his close friends life – (I heard this on the radio and thus I’m not sure it’s a reliable source!) either way, the movie is based on a true story of friends whose lives change because of a cancer diagnosis.

Even though I had high expectations of this movie, I absolutely loved it. It was the perfect balance of humor, sadness, and friendship. I found myself both laughing hysterically and crying at various points in the movie. The acting was amazing, and at points powerful, and the writing was great – how else could they have kept the audience laughing with a topic like cancer.

I’m going to keep the post spoiler free – just go and see this movie. You won’t regret it!