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Movember Gala Parte

Movember: the one month span of almost every male in my life growing a moustache, including my Dad, but he’s been fully committed to his moustache for about 35 years. Thanks to my Yelp connections, I got an invite to the gala party – I have to say, I was impressed.

This year Movember raised over 100 MILLION dollars for men’s health, and over a third of that was raised in Canada! I’m not surprised – I know Canadians can get behind something that involved growing facial hair and dressing like a lumberjack. Canadians at the Toronto Movember party used this reason to celebrate (read: DRINK!) and they certainly did.

The party was full of cover bands (yay!) an amazing DJ (yay!) and then a world known beat boxer (wtf?) as a (self-proclaimed) event expert, no one wants to listen to a beat boxer at the end of the night. The crowd was thinning out and wanting to dance! Besides the audio entertainment, there was also an airbrush moustache station for the ladies, a photo booth, and silk dancers (a little bit random). They also posted a live twitter feed – always hilarious when people get drunk and lose inhibitions. The décor was excellent – especially the huge glowing pink moustache behind the band.Also very impressed by the hosts, who were hilarious – I especially loved their list of “under appreciated Mo’s” which included Lando Calrissian as #2 – and all the hilarious entries into the various mustache competitions – I have to share my respect for the overall winner, whose Mo’ was shaved into his face, and in two straight lines down his neck and through his chest hair. Such commitment.

The big damper on the night was when their credit card machines went down and they wouldn’t let us leave. This was of no fault of the Movember party, but I was not impressed by the way Kool Haus handled this… it also resulted in me missing my after party (and ending up eating Pizza Pizza in a hotel until 3:30am – still pretty awesome).

Movember Gala Parte – I will see you next year.

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Photo credits: Dishan W. – http://ocanada365.posterous.com/