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50/50, a review

I have been looking forward to this movie for many  reasons, mainly because of my super big celebrity crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but also because it looked like a really great story.

The movie is based on a true story, and if what I’ve heard is true, Seth Rogan kind of plays himself in the movie, because this story is based on his close friends life – (I heard this on the radio and thus I’m not sure it’s a reliable source!) either way, the movie is based on a true story of friends whose lives change because of a cancer diagnosis.

Even though I had high expectations of this movie, I absolutely loved it. It was the perfect balance of humor, sadness, and friendship. I found myself both laughing hysterically and crying at various points in the movie. The acting was amazing, and at points powerful, and the writing was great – how else could they have kept the audience laughing with a topic like cancer.

I’m going to keep the post spoiler free – just go and see this movie. You won’t regret it!