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Moneyball, a review

Ah, Moneyball. Bound to be a money maker due to the appearance of Brad Pitt, but definitely not the best of his movies I’ve ever seen.

I was desperate to see this after all the hype it got at tiff, but I knew better to watch it during the festival itself (what’s the point, when it came out in theatres a mere week later?). The movie is based on the true story of the 2002 Oakland A’s team, and how they were able to compete with teams who had 3x their budget by re-evaluating the statistics used to choose players and create a team.

I had really high expectations for this movie, which probably lead to my disappointment (I should know better than to expect greatness!) the movie was good, and well acted, but overall a little too slow for my taste. It was one of those movies that I kept looking at my watch, because it just seemed like I was in there forever.

Also, tell-tale sign – the theatre was just about empty. On opening weekend, an empty theatre is NEVER EVER a good sign. NEVER. I want to have to search for seats half an hour before the movie starts on opening weekend.  

I’ll be interested to see how well this movie does overall – I’ve spoken to other friends who loved it – so maybe I’m the only one who will write a negative review! After all, I didn’t like Bridesmaids and everyone else in the Western world did…

note: this movie was so slow that my review doesn’t event warrant spoilers!