The Muppets, a review

While I’ve taken a step back from movie reviews lately, after watching the Muppets last night, it’s basically all I can think about.

The newest Muppet movie is such a gem – they have their hilarious classic jokes, but it has been modernized really well – so even people who didn’t grow up with The Muppets can enjoy it. Combine that with a ton of celebrity appearances, and you have an excellent movie – potentially one of my top movies for 2011**.

The movie is about brothers Walter and Gary, on a trip to LA with Gary’s girlfriend Mary. Walter is the world’s biggest Muppet’s fan, and… well, the plot is not that complicated.

It’s hard for me to say much else without spoiling it – and I definitely recommend you go see it ASAP before spoilers start becoming everyday knowledge. Especially the celebrity appearances – it’s so much more hilarious when your favorite celebrity pops up and you aren’t expecting it.

Besides spoilers (below), the acting of Jason Segal was good – he’s hilarious and I appreciate his move to acting / dancing (attempting to dance?) and Amy Adams was of course, fantastic in this role – after Enchanted, I knew that she was perfectly cast for this. It goes without saying that the Muppets were hilarious as usual.

** In the overall enjoyment category. I don’t think The Muppets will be winning any oscars in the near future – though I can DREAM!







One of the best parts of the movie for me was during the “Am I a Man or a Muppet” song, where Walter and Gary are singing about their problems, and Walter’s “human version” turns out to be Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory (he doesn’t even get a real name anymore – he will always be that role to me!). Other random appearances included Selena Gomez (hey, making it relevant?), Jack Black (not a big fan, kinda annoying), Neil Patrick Harris… the list goes on.

Other favorite parts of the movie included Chris Cooper (as Tex Richman) busting out an elaborate rap when Kermit hopes to get the theatre back just by asking – and just about everything that 80s Robot says or does.





I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this movie – it is sure to be a holiday hit, and would definitely be #1 if Twilight didn’t exist (oh whyy does it exist?) – so drop everything and go – and then comment your favorite parts below!











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