Yelp – Kick off Event at Boehmer

**Note, this post has been moved over from my tumblr, as I make the switch to wordpress**

Ahh, Yelp. Personally, I am a big fan, not just because of the amazing parties, but because it is actually a very useful site! (check it out at if you haven’t already!). Most events for yelp are for ‘elites’ only, but every once in a while there is a free event that is open to the public – including food, prizes, and of course the open bar! This was one of said events, and it was packed with new faces!

This event was to kick of “Yelp Eats”, which is a week-long event where certain restaurants will donate $10 for every $30 you spend to the Daily Bread Food Bank. Definitely a good cause, and I can’t deny myself an open bar!

Boehmer, if you have never been, is an amazing trendy restaurant with great decor and ambiance. Even if you don’t go this week (which you should, to support charity!!) it is definitely worth checking out – I may even host my birthday party there this Saturday!

The moral of this post is: join Yelp. And then find my profile and add me.


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