tiff 2011

**note, this has been moved over from my tumblr, as I am making the switch over to wordpress.**

Tiff is usually my favorite time of year in Toronto, but (until last night) I wasn’t feeling the love as much as usual.

Really, what’s not to like about tiff? I love movies, I love events, and tiff is like the ultimate movie/event combination. This year though, work has been so busy that I haven’t got to take advantage of it like I usually do!

Last night however, I went to see “The Day” with a few friends, which is a post-apocalyptic movie that was playing for Midnight Madness. Really, the movie was only ok – nothing special and a little slow to start, but afterwards, I got to meet Dominic Monaghan!! THAT is what the festival is all about. Celebrities, parties, people, and cinema – and it reminded me why I love the festival so much!

The best thing about tiff, is that 99% of the time, celebrities are friendly to Torontonians too – (that 1% is you, Madonna)

So basically last night was the kick off to me taking full advantage of the festival for the rest of the week (yeah, three days I know!) I’m going to rush some galas this weekend, see about getting in to the Cadillac People’s Choice screening, AND of course, hit up the end of festival party on Sunday. If you also volunteered this year – maybe I’ll see you there!




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