tiff 2011 Volunteer Party

**note, this has been moved over from my tumblr, as I make the switch to wordpress**

So, TIFF 2011 has finally wrapped up (what will I do with my time now??) and after a weekend of 5 movies, I attended the 2011 Volunteer Party.

This year, the party was identical to last year, but since it wasn’t new and exciting, well… it wasn’t very exciting. For those of you who don’t know, for the 2200+ volunteers who work 4+ shifts during tiff, you get to go to this secret-location after party which has an open bar (beer and wine) and some pizza (really, we need more than pizza!). Also, the secret location seems to always be *spoiler alert* ”This is London”, so really they aren’t fooling anyone anymore.

I spoke to a volunteer who has been working there for a long time, and he said that before they had this same cookie cutter party every year, they used to have new venues, and sushi, as well as other types of food! I understand your desire to use sponsors to get this party for free tiff, but you’re kind of killing me. Seems to me like you could use a fresh pair of eyes to look over the party outline (and yes, I am available!)

Overall though, it was a great festival! I even waited outside in the cold to see the People’s Choice Award winner, “Where Do We Go Now” – which I definitely recommend. I saw 7 movies total, which is disappointing based on last year… but since I’m working full-time now it’s really not that surprising.

Until next year, tiff!

posing for pictures at the 2011 tiff volunteer party


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