Contagion, a review

I knew I definitely wanted to write about movies on this blog, but I want to do it in a way that won’t prevent readers (all two of you) from reading due to spoilers. So I think how I’m going to do it is by keeping the spoilers at the end of the post, so you can stop reading before you get there, if you so choose.

I watched Contagion with a friend a few nights ago and was actually pleasantly surprised – that being said, it’s not like I had high expectations. The movie, if you don’t know, stars Matt Damon, and also has Gwyneth Paltrow – not that I’m ever a believer that celebrities make the movie. The basic plot is, a new virus is found that the human population is not able to cope with. So that’s my non-spoiler summary – it’s worth watching


If you did see it, this section (mainly comprised of questions) is for you! 

Anyone wonder how the world kept functioning so well even though it had basically stopped? Like, most of it was pretty true to life of what would happen – the riots, and looting, and protecting your family. BUT – how did electricity and cell phone service keep going? There is just about no way in hell the world was falling apart and those people stayed in their offices to keep going… just not going to happen. OR, how did people keep getting food? Because Matt Damon went to the grocery store and it was just about empty… which leads me to believe he didn’t have a crazy stock-pile anywhere.

The thing about this movie is, those were my only major “issues”, which really is a lot better than most. Besides these few questions that they seemed to just ignore – everything else seemed pretty true to life and overall, the movie was entertaining!! If anyone else has seen this, and come to the same (or different) conclusion – let’s discuss in the comments!


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2 responses to “Contagion, a review

  • Michael Fine

    Another big problem was the fact that the CDC woman injected herself with the vaccine and then tested its effectiveness immediately! It would take a few weeks for the antibody levels to build up…so yeah, she should be dead.

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